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Is Branding Important?

Why is Branding Important for a Salon Owner? If you have read our business blogs ( read them here ) you may be wondering about the importance of branding? What does branding mean for a business, and how can you be sure you are taking the right steps to brand properly? Let’s dive into these questions, but first let’s go over what branding is. Branding is essentially the meaning associated with your salon’s name, logo,

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Editing Apps for Stylists

Picture and Video Editing Apps for Salon Owners Do you look at the Instagram feeds of other stylists with eyes turning greener than Elphaba? If you feel like your pictures and videos will never be the quality and as eye catching as those popular stylist profiles and pages than keep reading, because we are unleashing some of the best hidden gems to get your pictures and videos looking their best. With just a few quick

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Time Management Tips, Tools, and Apps

Time Management for Salon Owners As salon owners you will have to balance several different hats. Marketer, beauty professional, manager, and it may seem like there isn’t enough time in the day but with a few quick and easy time management apps and tools you can streamline, and most importantly, automate your process. The more automated your process means the less you have to worry and stress about and the more time and energy you

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