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Spotlight on Local Artist – Melissa Wise Gunn

Salon Suites Spotlights Local Artist Salon Suites is proud to spotlight Melissa Wise Gunn. Melissa attended the University of Alabama where she majored in art and art history. She is also a graduate of the Art Institute of Atlanta with a degree in visual communications. For over 20 years, she has worked as a graphic designer while also exploring fine art. Melissa’s creative work in website development, multimedia presentation, animation, and banner ad design is backed by

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4 Tips on How to Successfully Brand Your Salon Suite

Successfully Branding Your Salon Suite  Every new business needs to formulate a branding strategy before you can get clients in the doors. Branding a new business may seem overwhelming at first, but hopefully, this list will give you a few ideas on how to get started. 1. Find Your Demographic In order for your salon to be successful, you need to decide which type of client you would like at your salon. Think about things

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Spotlight on Local Artist – Brook Huffman

Salon Suites Spotlights Local Artist Salon Suites is proud to spotlight Brook Huffman. Brook Huffman is a mother of three, who grew up in Cullman Alabama. Brook began creating art because she needed a creative outlet. She found painting fulfilling and therapeutic. She loves painting because they are open to interpretations and it evokes emotion.  The medium Brook uses to create is acrylic and multimedia. She was inspired to become an artist because of the childhood

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