3 Tips for a Makeup Clean Out

3 Tips to Purge Your Makeup 

Why wait until Spring to do a thorough cleaning? Be honest, your makeup probably didn’t even experience a cleaning last Spring. Start 2017 with a fresh makeup collection. Follow our 3 tips to clean out your makeup for a fresh start in the new year.

3 tips for makeup clean out

Take Inventory

First thing is first, dumped out that makeup bag, dig out lipstick from purses, and gather those less used shades from drawers. It’s time to take stock of everything in your bag of tricks. Sort all of the items into piles. Some examples of categories to break them into: broken, most used, slightly used, and never wear. That will get you off on a good start. All those items that you never wear but are still in great condition, consider rehoming to a friend. Broken items that you love can easily be repaired by mixing with alcohol and letting it dry.

Stick to the Shelf Life

After you inventory what you like there is one more step before you decide what to keep. Makeup, like food, has a best by date. The shelf life varies by use and product.* Mascara is best to toss every 1 – 3 months and foundation, powder, eyeshadow should be trashed after a year.

Wash Everything in Your Makeup Bag

Now that your makeup bag is empty and products have been purged, its time to clean! And boy do we mean clean. While your bag is empty, throw it in the washing machine if it is machine washable or give it a good wipe down. Spritz down the outside packaging of all makeup products. Don’t forget the tools; brushes, blenders, and lash curlers should be cleaned once a week. Now stay with us, clean your makeup. If you have recently been sick or have let a friend borrow an eyeshadow its time to clean your makeup. Scrapping off the first layer of powder and then applying alcohol kills pesky little germs and once the alcohol dries it will be good as new.

That’s it. What do you think, are these tips easy to follow for a kickstart to your year? Looking forward to a great new year at Salon Suites, and we wish all of our readers a Happy New Year!

*Please consult a dermatologist and/or contact individual cosmetic manufacturers for specific shelf life of your products.