5 Fall Hair Care Tips

Fall Hair Care

As the heat and bright colors of Summer give way to cooler air and warmer tones, it’s time to think about changing your hair care routine. Many people experience drier skin and hair in the Winter, but if steps are taken in the Fall your hair can stay looking like perfection year round. Our 5 Fall Hair Care Tips are here to help your hair stay nourished and healthy for the transition from Summer to Winter.

1.) Treat Yourself

After the activities outside, that equals sweat and sunscreen, your hair needs a detox. Make sure to get your locks Fall-ready with a good clarifying shampoo and then treat with moisture. Fall air has less humidity so your normal shampoo and conditioner just won’t cut it. Try using a hair mask once a week or even as your conditioner.

2.) Go Natural

Products that are more synthetic can cause dryer and therefore more damaged and lifeless hair. Synthetic chemicals and alcohol pull and strip the natural oils from your hair. Your hair needs this oil to maintain a healthy scalp and nurturing environment for your hair to grow.

3.) Think Color

Although, in the past Fall has meant that it’s time for warmer shades like caramelly brunette or deep burgundy, no longer. This year, especially, feel free to break with color trends of the past. The Pantone colors of Fall and Winter 2016/2017 have broken the mold and taken this year’s color trends to new and exciting places. Click here to learn more about color trends for Fall. Don’t forget to add nourishing oil to your color to keep your hair healthy even after your color. Try Monat’s Rejuveniqe Oil.

4.) Pump It UP

As some know all too well, humidity means volume and overall bigger hair. Not only is there less humidity in the air, but the constant on and off of hats and beanies and the like mean your hair can go flatter and flatter throughout the day. For some, this may be great news! For others, this news strikes fear in their heart. If you are the later then it is time to invest in some great volumizing products. Monat has a system of products built specifically to add volume to your tresses. Learn more and purchase here.

5.) Static Fighter

We have all been there, the dreaded static crown that rears its ugly head every year. Thicker fibers in your clothes, scarves, and toboggans creates friction and static in your hair. There are a few simple measures that you can take to combat the dreaded static monster. Moisture will help keep your hair smooth and create less friction in the first place. (If you follow tip 1 you should be good to go on this one!) Styling products will also help hold and create a locking bond to keep your hair together. This can be a wax or mist or numerous other products depending what works best for your style, and always spray to lock and load. Finishing any look with hair spray to create one last barrier between you and static.

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