7 Top Instagram Hacks for Hairstylists

7 Instagram Hacks for Salon Owners to Drive Business

Social media is here to stay. Instagram has proven to be a powerful marketing tool for large and small business alike. Learn 7 great hacks to draw people into your salon from Instagram!

Instagram Hacks

  1. Before and Afters – Before and after shots of your creation are a sure fire way to bring in business. So off your transformational talents so clients can see what to expect and how talented you truly are.
  2. Instagram Stories – Stories have come a long way since they were originally introduced to Instagram. A growing number of people only view Stories on Instagram now. Stories are a great place to show the behind the scenes process. Have fun with filters, stickers, and more. That being said, be sure to stay in theme. Your stories should fit in nicely with your profile feed and still speak to your brand.
  3. Videos – Videos pull more engagement and views than still images. The best return on your time to post is definitely video! Show up those locks with easy video tools built into your phone or Instagram. An easy slo-mo or boomerang video do not require fancy editing but still capture the attention of your audience. Videos may also be easily saved to posts to other social media platforms to save you time!
  4. Brand with a Theme – Not only will a themed profile be more aesthetically pleasing, but it will help tie your individual posts in the feed to your brand. Having a recognizable post/brand will help to improve engagement and traffic to your profile.
  5. Hashtag Perfection – Hashtags are a fantastic way to find your niche audience on Instagram. Be sure to use local hashtags to attract eyes locally that can book with you. Creating your custom hashtag is also a great way to build user created content.
  6. Location, Location, Location – Do you use that handy little location feature when you post? No? Give it a try and thank us later.
  7. Instagram Analytics – Instagram has slowly been rolling out analytics for some time. There have been several versions in beta testing, but now it is one powerful tool for every business user. Track what posts perform bests and at what times you are having the most engagement. This information can guide you on what to post and when to post to drive more engagement and follows!