7 Benefits of Salon Suites + Schedulicity

Salon Suites + Schedulicity to Benefit Salon Owners

Salon Suites has partnered with quality businesses, vendors, and service providers to ease the experience of going it on your own. Once such partnership is with Schedulicity! If you are unfamiliar with Schedulicity, it is an advanced online scheduling tool that allows 24/7 access for both clients and the beauty professional but really it is so much more. We have highlighted our 7 favorite benefits of Salon Suites + Schedulicity.

Setup and Support from Schedulicity and Salon Suites

Setting up and running an online booking system can seem overwhelming and like it could become a time vortex. The great news is that Salon Suites Marketing Specialist is here to help answer any questions and put you in touch with a personal Schedulicity rep. Schedulicity then will reach out and help assess your needs and help you through the setup. If you hit any snafus along the way after setup never fear, the support staff is always available to help resolve any issue.


Each Schedulicity profile is completely customizable. Set the hours, prices, length of service, etc. that work best for you.

Schedulicity Booking Widget on Your Mini Website

Salon Suites offers each salon owner their own mini website on the stylists page. After setting up your Schedulicity profile a booking widget can be added to your mini site. This creates even greater ease of use for your clients and prospective clients. Link your social profiles, such as Instagram, to your mini site for easy booking.

Mobile Advantage

Most web traffic is on mobile devices. The Salon Suites site is continually updated to have a user friendly mobile presence. We want to ensure a seamless experience for users as they browse salon owners. Stand out with the Schedulicity booking widget on your mini site. There are also Schedulicity widgets available for Facebook and personal websites.

Schedule Multiple Services at Once

Booking multiple services in one visit means increased revenue for your salon. With Schedulicity clients are able to book multiple services at once. As always with Schedulicity, the client receive appointment reminders to decrease no-shows and cancellations.

Email Marketing

Schedulicity has email marketing layout templates to make sending newsletters a breeze. Update your clients on new services, training, promotions and so much more with your salon’s newsletter.


Forget tracking clients appointments and trying to remember what they had done at their last service. The built in CRM stores client information, past services, products they have purchased, and even allows notes.


Learn more about Schedulicity by clicking here or contact the Salon Suites Marketing Specialist.


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