A Round Up of the Best Fall Hairstyles and Cuts

Best Fall Hairstyle and Cuts

Now that the warm air has turned chilly and breezy in the South it is finally beginning to feel like Fall. This change in weather has us at Salon Suites itching for a change. We have rounded up some of our top Fall hairstyles and cuts to get you fashionably ready this holiday season.

The Hottest Fall Haircut 

There will be tons of bobs and pixie cuts, but one cut is sure to be this season’s biggest stunner. The shag is taking L.A. by storm and is spreading all over the states as the hottest fall hair. The shag is great because it can be done long or short and on many different hair textures. A well-trained stylist can give a custom shag and cater this Fall cut for each specific hair type, giving a one of a kind look.

Center Part Your Fall Hair

Whether you go with the shag, bob, or something else all together different this season, one trend to play with is the center part. Ask your hairstylist to cut so that you can switch your part. This will give you the ability to change your look up from day to day and give options if you are not wanting to fully commit to a center part. Bonus! Changing where you part your hair actually can stimulate hair health and growth!

best fall hairstyles

Sweep it Up in a Bun or Ponytail the Fall

Good news! Voluminous buns and sleek or styled pony tails are all the rage. Creating a chic look on the go or on second day hair is as easy as ever with either a stylized ponytail or pumped up bun. Use this trend to really get creative and push the limits with these modern classics.

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