Success Stories

Success Story with Tori Doss

Starting her own business with a 4 month old baby girl at home might seem like an inopportune moment, but for Tori Doss it was the right time to start Tease Hair Studio at Salon Suites, Vestavia Hills. Tori’s realization came one night picking her daughter up from her mother’s after she had gotten off work. Her daughter was already asleep for the night and she had missed those precious moments of bath time and

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Success Story with Stephanie Lorino

“To me success is being able to spend quality time doing the things that mean the most to me and provide a quality service that allows me to live independently.” Making the leap to open her own independent salon with Salon Suites was a huge leap of faith for Stephanie Lorino. Before Salon Suites she was at a booth rental salon 20 minutes away. Moving from 20 minutes away for any stylist can be an

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Success Story with Terry Hall

People measure success in different ways but for Terry it is measured in the joy of his clients and their repeat appointments. Seeing his clients booked for standing appointments means that they are happy with his work and brings him a since of pride. Those standing appointments are earned through Terry’s dedication to his clients. He often will follow up with his clients to make sure that the look he has created is working for

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