Success Story with Tori Doss

Success Story with Tori Doss

Starting her own business with a 4 month old baby girl at home might seem like an inopportune moment, but for Tori Doss it was the right time to start Tease Hair Studio at Salon Suites, Vestavia Hills. Tori’s realization came one night picking her daughter up from her mother’s after she had gotten off work. Her daughter was already asleep for the night and she had missed those precious moments of bath time and tucking her child into bed. She knew things needed to change so that she could be there for her daughter for the big events and the small. Better hours were a necessity and she sought out the best way to do that. Salon Suites enables her to be her own boss and not only have better hours but hours and a schedule she sets for herself.

While starting her business it was easy to feel overwhelmed balancing her business and family but Tori’s family has always instilled in her the power of yes. And if negative thoughts crept in, as often do when we are striving for perfection or starting a new task, Tori could just think back to her father’s encouraging words, “You can do this!”

“My Dad has always corrected me when I say “I can’t”. He says “yes you can”! Growing up with parents supporting my artistic ability and allowing me to freely express myself by letting me paint rainbows, frogs and bubble names on my bedrooms walls were the best childhood and teen years ever. They instilled in me that I can do anything if I try hard enough, stay focused and grounded, and never give up while doing it all the right way.”

Once the initial fears had melted away and she had hit her stride as an independent salon owner, Tori can know spend time training and researching so that she may continue to better herself and her business. Her clients will of course benefit but also her sense of pride and the joy found in betterment will effect all the lives that Tori touches. 

Tori Doss

Tori’s advice for anyone thinking of opening their own salon with Salon Suites is… “If they can go ahead and get a little bit bigger of a suite. It is perfect at first but once you get the product lines you want to carry in and your rhythm going your going to want and kind of need a little bigger space. It has been wonderful! I love being able to have my own little space and decorate it exactly how I want. All the other stylist working at the location I am at are very nice and helpful. The management has been great. Anytime I have had a question or need for anything they are on it pronto. I couldn’t ask for a better work environment.”

And what about clients,

“My clients absolutely love the privacy my suite provides and they love how we can have one on one time. My clients feel Salon Suites is not only better suited for the stylist but also the client. The atmosphere is wonderful, so nice and laid back. It will be the best decision anyone can ever make. I have had quite a few walk-in clients, as well as clients, call from the Salon Suites website wanting to book with me. Also with my clients, new love of my suite and the privacy it provides they have been raving to their friends about my salon and I have got a lot of new referral and word of mouth clients.”

Her success is measured not in her growing client list but by the joy that she can make her client feel when they see themselves in the mirror. Their excitement means she has done her job and that means, “Happy clients= happy hairstylist and a happy hairstylists= happy family.”

There are always times and events that make change difficult but making the move for freedom and independence can change your life. And remember at Salon Suites, we are here for you and will help in any way we can to help you succeed. So don’t wait, join the Salon Suites family today. 


Success Story with Stephanie Lorino

Success Story with Stephanie Lorino

“To me success is being able to spend quality time doing the things that mean the most to me and provide a quality service that allows me to live independently.”

Making the leap to open her own independent salon with Salon Suites was a huge leap of faith for Stephanie Lorino. Before Salon Suites she was at a booth rental salon 20 minutes away. Moving from 20 minutes away for any stylist can be an overwhelming thought. What about my local clients? Will they follow me? Will I gain new clients? Will I have to start over from scratch? All thoughtful questions and common concerns for a beauty professional deciding to make a move. Luckily after much thought, prayer, and speaking to strong and independent women, Stephanie decided to take the leap and open Stephanie Lorino Salon at Salon Suites Colonnade.

Now that Stephanie has made the move she couldn’t be happier. The salon where she had been previously was a family. Her co-workers were more like sisters and she is still very close to them, but opening her own salon was something she needed to do for herself. Being able to control her own destiny is important to Stephanie, and soon the initial worry about being isolated in her individual suite soon vanished. She now feels apart of the Salon Suites family and part of her location’s unique community.

“I’ve always felt at home here. Even when I came to do a walk through I felt so welcomed.”

A part of Stephanie’s success is being true to her personality. Salon Suites celebrates your individuality and we believe that it is key to building each location’s unique community. Your clients want an authentic you and so do we.

“I want to keep growing as a business owner and as a stylist, I hope I get to stay in my location for years to come.”

Stephanie has recommended Salon Suites to her friends and will continue to in the future, but if you are reading this and not quite sure if you are ready to make the leap she has a piece of advice,

“If you believe in your work you will succeed!”



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Success Story with Terry Hall

Success Story with Terry Hall

People measure success in different ways but for Terry it is measured in the joy of his clients and their repeat appointments. Seeing his clients booked for standing appointments means that they are happy with his work and brings him a since of pride. Those standing appointments are earned through Terry’s dedication to his clients. He often will follow up with his clients to make sure that the look he has created is working for them and their lifestyle. This personal attention ensures that the client feels confident and comfortable with him and are able to relate and communicate any concerns. This mark of excellent customer service has many of his clients booking 5+ standing appointments.

“We want to make people beautiful. Its not always about what you see in the mirror. We search for the beauty inside as well as outside.”

Terry Hall Hair Design

While the move to open their own independent salon can be daunting for many beauty professionals, this was never a concern of Terry’s. Coming from a background in management of a large salon, his move to open an independent salon with Salon Suites, Vestavia Hills was a downsize. Initially the smaller space was one of the biggest adjustments. He adjusted quickly and learned to consolidate and really make the space his own. Now his suite is tailored to suit his needs and the needs of his clients perfectly.

Coming from a larger salon to a personal suite may seem as though there would be an isolation but Terry found out this could not be further from the truth. Not only do the salon owners help each other out and communicate on a daily basis but they also stay in touch on social media. Not only at his Vestavia Hills location but all the Salon Suites locations. Being a part of Salon Suites means that you are joining the Salon Suites family.

“Don’t feel as though you are alone because you are still apart of a family.”


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