4 Tips on How to Attract Great Clients into Your Salon

Attract Great Clients

First, what makes a great client? Great clients book often and provide new clients through referrals. How do you turn potential or even existing clients into great clients? Let’s review 4 tips on how to attract great clients into your salon.

Maximize Your Personality

Even if you are an amazing colorist, that alone will not win you clients. If you do a great job on their hair and the client leaves feeling disconnected or even worse offended, it is doubtful they will be back. This is why stylists must maximize their personalities. That does not mean being phony, but simply being kind, welcoming, and creating general appeal. Always be yourself, but paint with a wide brush. People do not expect perfection and often find the quirks about personalities enduring. The safe bet is behaving in your salon the way you would if a house guest. Be true to you and throw in some added Southern charm.love-heart-makeup-beauty

Automate Your Marketing

Snapping a few pictures while your client is at your salon is no big deal and most welcome showing off their new looks, but be wary of posting while you are with a client. Taking multiple pictures and posting to various social media profiles can create a disconnect between you and your client. Of course, you want to create new appointments by posting your latest creation, but be smart about how you do it. Automated marketing means you can capture original content in your salon throughout the week and create the posts at another time. Carving out 30 minutes every week or two to create posts means stress off your back. Schedule those posts for the highest return times across various platforms and provide your client with undivided attention. That is what we call a win-win.

Judgement Free Salon

The old saying, “My hairstylist is my therapist.” is true for many clients. Just by being there and listening without judgement or critique can go a long way. Most the time people are not looking for validation or advice but just someone to talk to.

Be Attentive to Clients

That being said, do not tune out while your client is venting in your chair. Be sure to make a mental capture on key aspects of clients life. If you have an online booking system, such as Schedulicity, you can add notes on each client. Reviewing these notes when they pop up on your next appointment can show you care and create a bond for your client.


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