How to Create a Welcoming Salon Part 1

How to Create a Welcoming Salon Part 1 – Atmosphere

As a beauty professional, you want to create a welcoming salon for a couple of reasons. One of those reasons, you yourself will spend a lot of time in your salon. Second, the clients of course! A welcoming salon means it is comfortable and inviting for clients. A comfortable salon can enhance the overall experience and encourage clients to stay and book future appointments. So how do you make sure the salon is inviting? We break it down in two parts. Part 1 – How to Create a Welcoming Salon – Atmosphere.

Create a Welcoming Salon with Atmosphere

Salon Lighting

Whether your salon style is minimal or shabby chic, creating layers of lighting elements creates a more dynamic space. Chandeliers, faux candles, ring light, and beauty lights are just a few examples of ways to add lighting and texture into your salon.

Complimentary Items

Offering complimentary beverages, snacks, or services helps the guest feel special and welcome in any space. Offering a signature drink, such as lavender lemonade, is a wonderful enhancement and can be curated to further reflect your brand.

Defined Spaces

Having an organized salon with clearly designated areas helps both you, as the salon owner, and clients. By having clearing defined spaces you are communicating indirectly with the client. For example, if you have a holding station for color clients to process you may want to have art that subtle communicates color or processing, have a magazine display, and a cell phone charging platform.


Products should be considered as much a part of the atmosphere as decor. Product packaging usually corresponds to the mission of that product. If you are an organic or vegan salon, find products that perform well of course, but also offer packaging, scents, and values that add to your salon.

Be sure to come back next week for part 2. Can you guess what the second part of a welcoming salon will be?