How to Increase Color Clients

Would More Color Clients Help Your Business?

Color clients are the bread and butter for most salons. It can mean the difference between your salon being a good business to a booming and growing success. So how do you increase the clients requesting and looking for color? We have compiled a list of the “how’s” in the, “How to Increase Color Clients.”

“The How” for Increasing Color Clients

  • Services: First to increase color clients you need to make sure you are offering the services that your clients see value in. Are your techniques up to date? Your clients are already in your chair and are valuable resources, take advantage. Ask clients what color services they would like to see in your services. If they suggest something you already offer, then it is still valuable insight into what you need to market more.
  • Referral Program: Many salons and businesses offer referral programs, and it is a great incentive for clients. If you have an existing referral program, think how you can customize it or create an additional program for color referrals.
  • Make Your Mark: When you think of celebrity hairstylists, they all have one thing in common, a signature look. Why not have a signature color look? Signature looks create a spark among clients and their friends. Your look can help create your brand, reflect you as a hairstylist, and of course increase color clients.
  • Promo Power: Don’t forget the power of a good promo. Think of ways to keep it fresh and relevant. Seasonal promos are great and can resonate with clients and urge them to get ready for warm Summer sunshine and beach days or falling leaves and warmer tones of Autumn.

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  • Track Your Progress: All of these tips are great and some may work wonders for certain hairstylists, but they may not work well for others. Keep track of what you try, and when you try it so you can follow your business progress. There is no use to keep pushing a promo that doesn’t bring you business, so watch your business with each tactic to see when it is time to move on to the next tip.

Have you used any of these tips in the past? What have you not tried? If you have tried some of the tips it might be time to change the approach. Let us know if you try any of our tips!

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