Instagram Stories versus Snap for Your Salon Suite

How to Decide Between Instagram Stories and Snap for Your Salon Suite

Instagram Stories are newer in the social media video world, but they have really made a name for themselves. These stories compete with Snap’s platform and have done a very good job so far. So how do you decide which your salon should be on? Or if you should do either of them? Let’s go over the basics of each and help you decide what is the best fit for your salon.

Instagram Stories for your Salon

There are a lot of people who have become divided on Instagram. There are those who do not view anything but Insta Stories now, but there are those that ignore the stories and keep viewing the feed as they normally would. The key to great Insta Stories is to keep it in theme. Make sure your story is still well edited and fits well into your overall theme that you have cultivated on Instagram.

Snap Videos for Your Salon 

Snap allows more creative freedom than Instagram. This is where people go to really see the day to day and behind the scenes. You always want to be professional and stick to your brand, but do not stress about making Snap perfect.

Which is Right for Your Salon Suite

To figure out which is the best fit for your salon, ask yourself the following. Which one are your clientele most active on? Take a quick survey of the clients in your chair. Which platform has the demographic that you would most like to target? You do not want to put any time or energy into something that will not benefit you in the long run. Find which is the most engaging for your existing and desired clientele and focus there if you are only going to do one. If you are going to do both then cross promote! Share your Snap handle on Instagram and vice versa. You can also save Snap videos and share them on your Instagram. No use in stressing out to create content for a bunch of platforms.

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