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SuiteHeart Charity Highlight on the Wellhouse

There are currently 20.9 million people trapped in the horrors of human trafficking globally. As of 2014 the estimated number was 4.5 million caught specifically in sex trafficking. The Wellhouse combats sex trafficking through a variety of programs and services to restore and reclaim the lives of the victims.


Services and Programs at Wellhouse

It begins with a call to the crisis line, to determine the immediate needs of the caller. A rescue plan is carefully constructed to get the caller to safety. Once to the safety of shelter, The Immediate Shelter (TIS), the victim is provided with general care, medical care, and a psycho-social evaluation. After the initial needs of the victim are met, they move to the next level of the program, Next Steps to Freedom (NSF). While participating in NSF the rescued resident continues her healing journey and establishes the goals and next steps to long-term restoration. The steps in this phase can include counseling, educational classes, job training, etc. After achieving goals, such as employment, the resident may select to move into Transitional Living (TL). While in TL the resident may continue to receive counseling and assess their needs while continuing to pursue their goal of restoration.

In addition to providing services to the victims of trafficking, the Wellhouse has ongoing awareness initiatives. These initiatives include presentations and training for schools, employers/employees, churches, law enforcement, civic organizations, etc. To find out more about scheduling a presentation or training click here.

How to Help the Wellhouse

Contributions are greatly valued in the form of time, material items, and financial resources. There are several forms of volunteerism and various training schedules for those interested in giving their time. The Wellhouse has a list of items that are continually needed, available here. You are also able to make monetary donations on-line.

The SuiteHeart program is currently accepting donations of toys and clothing for women and children in shelter. Donations may be dropped off at any Salon Suites location or click here to contact us.


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*Statistics provided by Polaris Project.