Partnerships to Build Business

Partnerships to Build Business in Your Salon Suite

Networking works in many types of business fields. The core of networking is to form partnerships with other businesses or individuals in order to bring traffic to your business. It is important that you network and create partnerships in order to expand and build business¬†in your salon suite. Let’s look at 5 top partnership ideas for driving traffic to your salon suite.

Top Partnership Ideas

  • Fellow Salon Owners – Connect with fellow salon suite owners! Salon owners at Salon Suites come from different expertise and areas. Network with a neighboring makeup artist if you specialize in updo’s and bridal hair and you can have one dynamic event team.
  • Partner with an Event Venue – Speaking of events, event venues often have preferred vendors. Connect with venues that meld well with your brand and see if they would be interested in having you as part of their preferred vendors.
  • Partner with a Photographer – Photographers post often on social media and tag various people and areas that are part of their shoots. Every picture that features your work can be tagged and build content for your marketing.
  • Meet and Greet – ¬†Don’t forget friends and acquaintances. Chances are that you have friends, family, and or acquaintances that own businesses or have favorable connections. Don’t be afraid to network with people close to home.


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