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London Stephens of London’s Destination

London Stephens will be opening Londons Destination at the Birmingham – Shops of the Colonnade location in just a few short weeks. She is already overjoyed about becoming a salon owner, but her clients may be even more excited. While sitting down for our interview with London, a client actually sent her a picture outside her new location. They happened to be outside the Birmingham location and were already so excited, they just had to send in a picture!

“They are excited about the move, specifically the atmosphere. There are a lot of different locations where they can shop and enjoy [themselves]. And they see I’m happy, so if I’m happy, they’re happy. And I’m happy they’re happy,” she says with her ever present smile.

We are excited for London as well, and so we wanted to take some time to learn more about her. Keep reading to learn more about London Stephens and her new salon, London’s Destination.

London’s Motivation and Inspiration #visionwithpurpose

London is inspired by many things to create and transform each client. One of the biggest is the client themselves. London is more than just a hairstylist and gives each client a truly custom experience. Her mission is to repair, rebuild, restore, and transform. She will use her expertise to examine what has and has not worked for each client in the past and write a “prescription” for the best hair of their life can be achieved. Each person has unique concerns and needs individual care and attention, with London, your hair can truly transform into its best self.

Remaining motivated every day is not hard when she remembers one clear purpose.  Acting as a role model to those who do not have someone to look up to is of utmost importance. For all the children out there that can look at her and see themselves succeeding. By recognizing that not everyone is as fortunate as she was to have the support system she had growing up, she now wants to do her best to support others.

She grew up in a family of hairstylists at her family’s salon, Magic Fingers. She has 7 family members that do hair and 2 of those are licensed instructors. It’s her heritage. And although she did spend time “rebelling” against hair, the love brought her back. She loves being able to impact others’ lives by making them as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside.

Why Salon Suites was the best fit for London’s Destination

After thinking of making the move to salon ownership for about a year, she decided that Salon Suites was the best fit. Salon Suites offers a great atmosphere for her clients and the opportunity for them to enjoy her journey of ownership.

“Sometimes change is uncomfortable…but I prayed about it and meditated on it…But I felt that atmosphere of professionalism. It’s somewhere I can grow and continue to give my clients good customer service.”

She looks forward to this experience of salon ownership as a time for growth. Ownership at Salon Suites will enable her with the opportunity to prepare for the next level in her career. It will also allow her the flexible schedule to focus on her continued education and her family.

London’s Training

As an educator for Design Essentials for the past nearly 4 years, London has access to premiere training to keep her skills sharp. She has been with Design Essentials for 5 years and this January will mark her 4th year as an educator. She enjoys sharing her knowledge with others on haircutting techniques, color services, and the Design Essentials line of products.



London at Home

So many take family time for granted and London wants to be sure that family remains her focus. In her free time, you can find her on the sidelines supporting her children in the sporting events. She also is a part of a praise dance team. This allows her to relax and to share her love of God, while still being a beautiful, creative outlet while not behind the chair.


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