Lindsey Challender

Lindsey Challender

Master Hair Stylist

A Little about me

I’ve been a hairstylist since 2004 and find that I love my job even more with each passing year. I knew when  I started that I would enjoy being a stylist, but what I didn’t expect was how many of clients would turn into friends. It’s such a blessing to get to know these families – I get to be the one to give the children their first haircut and be the one who helps them get ready for their first day of school. It’s important to me to  make sure that I’m able to provide the latest in styling options for the entire family so I take several classes per year to keep up with the latest trends. I’m able to offer suggestions for a client who is looking for a change but I also know that “just a trim” doesn’t mean take five inches off the bottom. I chose this career because I wanted to make people look and feel good when they walk out of my door, but what I love the most is how I feel when they walk back in.



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