Stephanie Lorino

In the Chair With Stephanie Lorino

In the Chair With Master Stylist Stephanie Lorino We had the opportunity to sit in with one of our talented stylists, Stephanie Lorino. We took a video of Stephanie working with her client where she totally transformed her look, giving her a fresh new balayage color! Stephanie is a certified Brazilian Blowout Specialist and she loves the satisfaction she gets from helping her clients achieve a more polished look and softer texture. Stephanie draws inspiration

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In the Spotlight – Stephanie Lorino

Stephanie Lorino Salon was established at Salon Suites, Colonnade, in September 2014. After a desire for change, Stephanie made the move and hasn’t looked back. “I was ready for a more personal atmosphere. Low key and self sufficient.” But what is even better is that her clients haven’t looked back either. “Oh they love it. Oh my gosh they love it. Its never boring. There is such a good energy {at Salon Suites}. People love the

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Success Story with Stephanie Lorino

“To me success is being able to spend quality time doing the things that mean the most to me and provide a quality service that allows me to live independently.” Making the leap to open her own independent salon with Salon Suites was a huge leap of faith for Stephanie Lorino. Before Salon Suites she was at a booth rental salon 20 minutes away. Moving from 20 minutes away for any stylist can be an

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