Tease Hair Studio

In the Spotlight – Tori Doss

“I was the girl in preschool that I always had hairspray in her hair. I would cry if my bangs weren’t perfect.” Don’t let Tori’s fresh face fool you, Tori is a tried and true beauty expert. Starting her training at the young age of 15 Tori has immersed herself in all things beauty and hair! Her mother had her cosmetology license but did not work as a stylist so little Tori was her mom’s

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Success Story with Tori Doss

Starting her own business with a 4 month old baby girl at home might seem like an inopportune moment, but for Tori Doss it was the right time to start Tease Hair Studio at Salon Suites, Vestavia Hills. Tori’s realization came one night picking her daughter up from her mother’s after she had gotten off work. Her daughter was already asleep for the night and she had missed those precious moments of bath time and

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